Low Volume Butterfly Blocks

Recently, I've been interested in softer colors and lighter values. Low-volume, really - though that phrase usually brings to mind texty prints on cream backgrounds and a lot of projects from Red Pepper Quilts. This is a little bit different...
low 1
More of a whisper of color.
low 2
Butterfly blocks from Pearl Bracelets - which reminds me of wise words from a Dr. Suess book:
low 3
Whisper, whisper...very soft and very high. Like the soft, soft whisper of a butterfly.
low 4
You can too, I think you ought to try.

low 5

I'm still teasing these blocks a little bit...I'm not crazy about the layout I chose...we'll see how it works out. But I'm definitely loving the whisper of color. I think this might be an area of color I'll continue to explore...
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