Most of the photos I show of my sewing projects are taken midday, in optimal lighting. But, in an effort for everyone to be able to see what I'm doing, I realize that I'm also keeping you from really getting to know me. Blogs can be misleading, and I'm not the best at showing my personality through my blog. So I thought I'd show you what my sewing time actually looks like:
Yup. Nighttime sewing, with a daylight lamp, a martini, and Star Trek: The Original Series on Amazon Prime.  I'm so cool. Don't worry, there's a two-drink limit while operating the sewing machine or using the rotary cutter ;P
I usually prefer having a beer while sewing, but we were out, so martinis it is! Those are usually my drink of choice when relaxing in the evenings. One of my favorites is the Whipped Chocolate Martini. I went on a 4+ hour sewing binge last night, so it went perfectly with my late-night antics. 
So that's my sewing style. What about you? What's your sewing style - any quirks, like me?