10 Quilty Little Secrets

We all have our dirty little secrets. Even quilty ones. I think it's time for a little bit of airing :)Edited to add: Link up your quilty secrets here!
1. I sew over pins. Religiously. Ok, so I've gotten a little better at this one, but still!
2. I iron. I don't press. Screw pressing.
3. None of this quilting from the inside - out business. I quilt almost every project right to left. It's weird, I know, but the middle is the hardest part! If I start on one side and work in, then I'm practiced by the time I get to the middle. Then, I flip the quilt and work from the middle out to the other side, so I'm still saving an easy section for last.
4. I wash my quilts on hot. With bleach. Not every time, but my kids - they puke. And you know what? All my quilts still look great!!
5. I kind of like basting. And I prefer safety pins over spray. Don't throw rocks at me.
6. I'm not crazy about Aurifil. There, I said it. Now you can throw rocks at me. (Except....don't....)
7. Also? Warm and White (or Natural). Not into them.
8. Wonky log cabins? Eh. I don't like them.
9. I love quilted feathers. Even if they look traditional.
free motion quilting
10. I dislike most Denyse Schmidt Fabrics. And Kaffe Fassett ones. Except for shot cottons.
There. Now you can all really hate me.
What about you? Any quilty confessions?

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