After hosting the 10 Quilty Little Secrets linkup, I realized that there's a lot more to our quilting journeys than what we are sharing. Sure, some of quilt blogging is talking about trends, fabrics, and the projects we make (which frequently fit into these trends and use these popular fabrics). But it should be more than that - we should be talking about everything.
That might seem extreme, but some of the most animated feedback I received was when I talked about how I don't care for Aurifil, or about how quilters spend money, or about what makes a quilter dedicated, or about applying the principles of minimalism to my quilting habits. And based on both the comments and the posts from 10 QLS, you guys have a lot of things you would like to talk about - but feel as though you shouldn't.
There's a lot under the surface that we haven't scratched yet. We should go beyond discussing only the aesthetics of our quilting projects, and delve into the hearts, lives, and thoughts behind these projects.
We shouldn't feel so restrained in our thoughts. We need not be so restrictive.
So I'm going to start periodically posting on topics that have been (for the most part) omitted from the quilt blogging world. Some of them might be taboo topics. Some may simply be forgotten. The point is, for whatever reason, they have been left undisclosed.
We're among friends and colleagues and while they deserve our respect, we should not hold an unnecessarily high standard of politeness. It's holding us back.
Time to look at some things that have been /#omitted. I'll be periodically posting some of my previously self-censored thoughts and inviting you to join in, either through the comments or though link-ups at the end of each post.
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