I've been up to no good lately. Namely, stashing. 
A few larger cuts this time around - 2 yards of this fantastic metallic print:
I'm experimenting with the size of cuts I purchase. I used to buy 1/8 or 1/4 yard cuts of lots of fabrics, start quilts with them, and then have to go online to order more (because the quilt shop was out by the time I got to using it!). Sometimes, this method didn't work out so well and I couldn't find any yardage of that fabric, even on the internet.
Additionally, I have a ton of small cuts lying around - rejects I didn't end up using. The longer I quilt, the more I realize I prefer to use fewer fabrics in each quilt, rather than a scrappy approach. So the 1/8 yard cut method is not working. Y'all are like, duhhhh. I know, I know!! I have a budget. That was one way of working around it.
The new method I'm trying is buying far fewer fabrics, in larger cuts. It makes more sense, since that's the way I actually use fabric.
Like this FABULOUS Nano Iro print.
{Nani Iro Double Guaze, Moutain Views: Silver}
Mmmmmm.... It has low-contrast metallic areas, so it is a less in-your-face metallic print than the birds.
The drape and hand is positively lovely. It provides the neutral and natural look of a linen but with an extremely soft feel to it.
I did limit myself to 1/4 yard cuts of these two Kona Essex Yarn Dyed Linens. I think it's reasonable to purchase smaller amounts of solids and staples since they don't go out of print. 
{Essex Yarn Dyed Linen, Chambray (I believe) and Flax}
I'll keep them on hand in case they end up speaking to me. If they do, it won't be hard to pick up more!
And now I'm out of spending money for the month. Man, quilting is expensive!!
And awesome. Mostly awesome :)

You can find all of these wonderful fabrics at my local (and online) favorite, Crimson Tate.
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