FFMQAL: Presenting the "Tied Down" Quilt!

I'm so excited to reveal another quilt from my upcoming book, Paper Pieced Modern. You can pre-order a signed copy here or a regular copy here (Amazon affiliate link: see disclaimer at bottom of site).This quilt is called Tied Down because everyone I showed it to immediately said "They look like men's ties!"
In addition to the shapes of this quilt pattern, I think it's the Parson Gray fabrics' motifs, print scale, and colors that are reminiscent of ties.
And once again, can I just say how perfect Parson Gary and Carolyn Friedlander are together? Oooooh yes.
I love a good masculine quilt. I think we need more of them in this world!
There's something wonderful about using a very subtly textured fabric in place of a solid.
This was also quilted by Angela Walters. I'm sharing this in conjunction with my Feather Free-Motion QAL because she quilted it with some of her "Modern Feather" methods that she talks about in Lesson 10. The feathers both travel behind the tie strips, and wrap around in front of them.
The ties themselves are quilted with straight lines and occasional wishbones.
The fillers that Angela used around and between the feathers are gorgeous. I'm just in awe of her quilting.
I asked for feathers cascading down, behind, and through the ties, and I couldn't be more pleased with the result! I think they are perfect. They compliment the vertical flow of the quilt very well.
Even though they are feathers on a manly quilt, they don't seem out of place at all.
This quilt is nice and large - finishing at 68" x 85" (a nice full size or large twin), but fairly easy to sew up since there's a lot of background space. The paper pieced sections are also quite simple.
There's a feeling about this quilt that's hard for me to capture - it simply glows in the sunlight. I think it has a lot to do with the Carolyn Friedlander print I used for the background - even though the darker color stands out at first, the lighter color picks up and reflects light fabulously.
This is a quilt that feels and looks the way I would like my home interior to feel and look - if that makes any sense! I'm absolutely in love with the overall vibe as the quilt. Still very modern, but also very natural and warm.
I'm getting more and more excited about the release of this book (coming up in March 2015) and showing you all of the quilts in it!