No I won't....

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When my husband says, "I'm an electrical engineer," people respond with, "Oh cool! What kinds of projects do you work on? What do you design?"
But when I say, "I'm a quilter," people respond with, "Oh cool! Can you fix my jeans?"
People, this drives me crazy. I'm a quilter. I spend lots of time designing, creating, and pattern writing. I make modern quilts. I don't patch jeans. So when my friend Tisha approached me with her thoughts on constantly being asked to make t-shirt quilts, I was totally in. "People want those memories but I don't want to make it for them," she told me. Seriously folks, can I get an Amen??? How many times have you been asked to make a freaking t-shirt quilt?
That's great if you like to do those things. But it's also ok to say "No, I won't." As Tisha explains"I quilt as a creative outlet and a way to make some extra money.  I do not want to make 42 t-shirt quilts.  Glad you have held on to your shirts for so long, but I'm probably not the best person to ask."
So here's the deal. What is it that people are always asking you to do that you just don't want to do? Is it also fixing jeans, like me? T-shirt quilts? Are a lot of people asking you to make quilts for free? Or something else?

I encourage you to read Tisha's post and then to chime in by writing your own and linking up below. What makes you say "No, I won't"?
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