Gus and Maria: A Free Plus Sign Baby Quilt Pattern

I was recently asked if I could write up a pattern for Gus' baby quilt, and since it's such a simple project, I decided to go ahead and post a free version for all of you! You can find it here on Craftsy :)
maria and gus
Soooo, in order to test this pattern, I just had to make another fast, cute little baby quilt. Oh darn.
The original quilt was rather "high volume", if you will, so I thought it would be fun to make a low volume companion. I pulled out a Lottie Da floral print I had, a lovely, natural muslin I stashed awhile ago, and set to work.
I don't have pictures of piecing this one, because it's such a fast project! But it made for an excellent quilt to practice my Zig-Zag Feathers on. The curly, girly feathers are right at home with these fabrics.
And I think there isn't anything much sweeter on a girly quilt than rounded corners :) I backed it with a polka square (is that what I should call it?) fabric from the same Lottie Da line.
I really like how the background cream of the floral print blends so seamlessly with the muslin - the plus signs are there, but so subtly.
I've tried to make my goddaughter a quilt for over a year now - seriously, this is ridiculous! I wanted it to be sooo perfect, and kept starting, restarting, and giving up because nothing was good enough....I was all up in my head.
And while I was sewing this quilt, I realized, You know what? This would be great for my little Maria!
And so that happened quite without me planning anything - which was so much better. It was organic this way.
Anyway - I love having a quick little finishing now and then to keep myself from getting too bogged down in my larger projects. So I'm happy to check both this quilt, and the pattern for it, off of my WIP list!

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