WIP Wednesday

I just wanted to check in and give a huge Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! to everyone who nominated and voted for Icy Waters in the Viewer's Choice category! It won second prize, and I'm so honored.
I haven't gotten as much sewing done lately as I would have wanted - my in-laws took the kids for a long weekend, so we got a lot of house stuff done instead. We purged an entire dumpster's worth of junk out of the house in a few hours, took down some bushes, moved the two older kids into the same room, removed our bedframe and nightstand, spent way too much money going out to eat, and began considering the Whole 30 diet. Because, hello, a diet that lets you eat an unlimited amount? Yessss!!! Sign me up for a month of endless kale chips!! Ha. Not really. (I mean...we're really considering it, but no to the excitement and no to the kale.)
But I promise I'll be back here real soon with some fun quilting posts - I basted my king size wholecloth quilt in under 3.5 hours (is that a good time or a bad one? I have no idea...) and just barely started it....

13 spools

I laid out my do. Good stitches bee blocks....

do good stars

Yes my sewing room needs to be vacuumed and picked up. Judge, judge, judge away....

And I'm trying to get my machine to be friendlier towards thread. All in good time. (Granted, I've been struggling with this for awhile now.)


And yes, I was a slacker and pulled some of these photos from Instagram. Because the children are back home, and I'm chugging coffee to keep up with them :)

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