Why You Should Totally Buy "Heather Ross Prints"

So here's the deal. This book? It's awesome, and you should buy it.
heather ross book 1
Am I shamelessly trying to sell you something? Yes. But only because I stumbled across it on Amazon, read some killer reviews, bought it...and then it rocked my socks off. (For real. No socks right now.)
Ohhh, I could give a bunch of reasons why you should buy this book...
For starters, there are some really unique and creative crafts in here. Making a personalized notepad, how to print your own custom wallpaper, a vinyl-covered tablecloth - all with directions that make everything look easy. (Not saying they are. I have no idea. But Heather Ross at least makes them look easy.)
heather ross book 2
And then, there's the section on fabric design. Now, this might not interest everybody, but even if you have no desire to design fabric yourself, I think it's still really neat to see how an artist works.
{drumroll please}
heather ross book copy
But here's the real reason you should buy this book - There is a cd with image files for 32 of Heather Ross' favorite fabric prints, AND with 87 files for the specific projects in the book.
Did you get that? Buy this book, and you have 32 of her best fabrics, for whatever strikes your fancy.
Open the cd, hit print, and you have:
Mendocino Mermaids (in pink)
Frog Prince
Princess and the Pea
Playing Horses
Owl and the Pussycat
Swim Class
Becoming Frog
Snow White, Laundry
The list goes on.
Right at your own fingertips. Whenever you want. For whatever you want. On paper. On wallpaper. You can even print them on fabric (Kona cotton) via Spoonflower. (A few of them are already available from her personal Spoonflower shop.)
have you bought it yet? (If not, please send some of your willpower this way. I'm seriously lacking.)

P.S. - There is (unfortunately) no preview in the Amazon listing for this book. If you have questions about whether or not a specific print is in the book, I'll be happy to answer it in the comments.
P.P.S. - Her "Goldfish in Bags" fabric isn't in there. Sadface, I know.
*Was that a super annoying post? I hope not. Maybe a little :) You can hate me for it! Or realize that I am super enthusiastic because, how in the heck have I never heard about this book before??, and you probably haven't either. FYI, the Amazon links are affiliate ones, but feel free to purposefully buy it on Amazon without going through my links. You know, stick it to the man and all. Full disclosure at the bottom of the site if you care :)
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