Stunning Stars Quilt Top Finished

I wasn't planning on working on my do. Good stitches quilt top when I got up this morning, but then I completely finished it.
True story.
Haha, sorry, my husband's uncle always says stuff like that, so I couldn't resist.
But I did! Those blocks that I laid out on Wednesday ended up just calling my name, and I thought it would be a good idea to finish up this quilt before I received another round of quilt blocks.
I thought it didn't look quite finished, so I toyed around with a few ideas for extras....colored border?White border? White border with scalloped quilt edges? Ruffle? Ugh, that'll take forever. Oooh, just a top and bottom border? That'll look fresher. Definitely flying geese. Nevermind, who feels like sewing a bunch of flying geese right now? Not me, that's for sure. HSTs! The perfect solution. Like flying geese, but easier. Faster, namely.
So I cut 8 print pieces and 8 white pieces at 7.75" square. I drew two diagonal lines and used the method outlined in this post to make 8 HSTs at a time. Speed is king here.
I think it adds the perfect touch.
And sheesh, photographing whites in the winter in my house is just terrible. Terrible! Hopefully I'll have better luck when the entire quilt is assembled. I'll definitely try a different time of day.

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