Feather Free Motion Quilt Along: Link Up!

I've been having a great time working on feathers for the past month - never when I started this QAL up did I imagine everything turning out this way! I actually love quilting feathers now and am not intimidated by them (well....most of them, at least!). I can quilt them with confidence, and don't sweat it when I'm not perfect. I really learned a lot by pushing myself to practice them. My free motion quilting skills have definitely improved during this process!
I know some of you have been quilting along, and some have just been reading along for inspiration. Whatever you've been doing, I really appreciate all the positive support you've given me throughout this time!
If you've managed to sit down and quilt feathers - any feathers, even on an unfinished project or practice piece - now is the time to link up. And don't forget about the "most creative use of feathers" prize! The linkup will be open through Saturday (November 22) and you can read all the prize details here.

And just for a fun recap, here are the new tutorials that came about from this quiltalong:
http://www.13spools.com/?p=13       http://www.13spools.com/?p=27     http://www.13spools.com/?p=15
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