Soak Nail Polish Review & Giveaway

When I saw reviews of Soak nail polish popping up, I was all like, I want in on this action! So the people at Soak agreed to send me some product for me to review and give away. (Uh, that is, they gave me two boxes. It would be plain rude of me to send you some opened nail polish!!)
So here's the deal. I really wanted to try out this nail polish because:
1) I love nail polish. Yup, I'm a girly girl.
2) I love giveaways and giving stuff away. I'm all about that bass, bout that bass...and free stuff.
3) I was pretty confident it was going to be crappy quality, and I wanted to try it without paying for it. I mean, nail polish made by a company that manufactures detergent and starch alternative? C'mon. How good could that be?
I know, I'm brutally honest. But that way you know I'm never lying to you guys, ok? Ok, good.
Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised that it was not crappy. In fact, it went far beyond crappy, beyond the realm of really good, and into the world of O.P.I.-quality or better goodness. Yup, just as good, if not better than my go-to polish? Sold.
And here's where it got shockingly good - that pink? One coat. It's freaking neon, people. It's freaking amazing. I can't even truly show you how neon that pink is in my photos!
{Manicure 1: Nice and easy, each nail a different color so I could try all of them out in one shot!}
The black only needed one coat, too. (Though I gave it two for good measure, since I'm especially poor at painting nails.)
The two lighter colors needed more than one coat, but the coverage was insanely better than my name-brand light color polishes. Seriously, how was this happening? Why am I dropping so much money on polish if it wasn't working this well?
I was going to do a pattern to mimic Denyse Schmidt's fabric on the box, but could I resist putting the black and pink together? No. No, I could not.
{Manicure 2: To get this manicure, paint your nails entirely pink. Once dry, paint a straight black stripe just on the side. Slop over if you need to! I prefer to focus on getting the line straight on my nail rather than worry too much about hitting my skin a little.}
So anyway. I'm a very impressed and surprised convert over here. No, they don't have a million colors yet, but with such a good product, I anticipate rapid growth in selection.
Which leads me to my next point - let's give some goodies away!
To enter the giveaway, simply:
1) Leave a comment telling me what fabric line you would like to next see translated into nail polish colors. I'm thinking some Tula Pink is in order....
2) For a second chance, visit their page and leave another comment telling me what other products you would like to try out from Soak! Maybe I can convince them to give out some more free stuff here ;P
Giveaway open through Monday the 24th! (Meaning you can still comment to win on Monday until midnight eastern time.)
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