Michael Miller QuiltCon Challenge - Finally started!

I know I'm not the only one who was a bit stumped with the Michael Miller pastels for the QuiltCon Challenge. They really are lovely colors, but...I don't usually use pastels. Anyway, I finally got some inspiration last week. I pulled out only the cool colors - opal, breeze, spa, and spring. I cut some 3/4" strips...

and started piecing some little log cabins.
I'm using solid white as a foundation for the piecing to help prevent distortion while pressing, since the pieces are so tiny.

I must say, I'm loving this.

It's light and delicate looking, but still interesting with the subtle color shifts. I'm using the blue color (breeze) as my main fabric, and bringing in the green, teal, and purple colors randomly. Some blocks will be mainly blue, others will boast a larger selection of the supporting colors.

Sewing these blocks takes forever - but it's simple and soothing. It feels almost meditative.
Will I finish it in time for the challenge? Unfortunately, no. But I'm glad I waited for inspiration, instead of pushing myself to make a quilt I wasn't into just for the sake of hitting a deadline.

What about you - do you find repetitive, slow piecing relaxing or maddening? Do you love working with pastels, or hate it? And do you have an entry for the Michael Miller QuiltCon challenge you can show me?

OngoingAmy Garro