November blocks for do. Good stitches

Just popping in quickly to share some do. Good stitches blocks I made this weekend.

For this month, we were asked to make something with a solid gray background and masculine color/fabric choices. Pretty open ended! I grabbed some Essex yarn-dyed linen in steel and a woven cobalt blue fabric I bought several years ago, and pulled together this log cabin block.
Remember that little teaser I showed you of a red and gray log cabin from my book? Well, I think modernized log cabin blocks can be soo masculine. I love this style! The thin strips finish at 1/4", and the thicker ones at 1/2".

And secondly, I tried out a block from Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match(affiliate link, fyi - full disclosure at bottom of site). This quilt block book is on semi-permanent loan from my mom (uh, sorry mom, I'll get that back to you....someday....).

It isn't nearly as "me", but I enjoyed sewing it all the same. The dark blue is a Parson Gray print.


Wondering about do. Good stitches? It's a charity bee, headed up by the awesome Rachel at www.stitchedincolor. Check out more info here!

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