Stunning Stars & a Sparkly New Site

It's taken way too long, and there are still some posts with awkward formatting, but!! My site has been transferred to Wordpress and has a new look! I'm very excited for the improved navigation I am able to provide for you guys. So pleeeeease, take a hop, skip, and a jump around! Capture of siteb

In other finishing-things news, I was able to finish my Stunning Stars do. Good stitches quilt this week:

DSC_0005 copy

I asked my fellow members to send me purple stars of their choosing. I quilted it with columns of figure 8 loops. It went....okay... Lol. Let's just say I need to practice that pattern a bit more. I'm definitely better at smaller scale patterns. Luckily, it looks just fine when I stand back :)

DSC_0007 copy

I really enjoy the backing on this quilt - I absolutely did not intend to cut off the blocks, but I think it's actually lovely that way. It's like an excerpt of a thought.

Or is that just too deep? I mean, it's just a quilt right? Right. Back to reality.

I used one of my favorite Joel Dewberry prints, along with a few blocks that I lost track of and didn't find until after I pieced the top. I also threw in my Boardwalk Block and my Spokes block, since they are both purple.

DSC_0015 copy

One of the members sent me a block with hits of gold hues - positively lovely with the purple, so I decided to pick up those colors with a burnt orange binding. Definitely a different choice for me. I think I like it.

DSC_0033 copy

I think...

I'm linking up to Finish it Up Friday. And don't forget, clickity click around!

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