Plus One

Here today with more whispers.... plus 1c copy

Whispers of metallic gold birds. Mmmmmm.

plus 1 copy

I knew they deserved something subtle.

plus 1e copy

Being made by Michael Miller, I pulled out my color card and saw that they had been printed on Soft White, so I used that as the background fabric to create a seamless blend. Now, there are just birds, flying in the shape of plus signs across a white expanse.

plus 1g copy

The corners got a special treatment, as demonstrated in Casey's awesome book. Love that something extra they give.

plus 1a copy

I backed it in some Doe widescreen from Crimson Tate to keep the seamless look going.

plus 1f copy

I've already had a request for a pattern/tutorial, so that will be coming. Among with other things.

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plus 1b copy

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