The Runaround Bag: Take 2

I managed to finish up the second runaround bag (first one here) and take photos of it just in the nick of time for our last round of family Christmas gifts! This bag went to my brother-in-law's girlfriend (as in, my husband's brother's girlfriend).

DSC_0004 copy

My husband preferred this colorway, and I think I must agree with him. My quilts tend to be more masculine, and so were the fabric colors I chose for the first bag, but these ones are lighter and girlier. I'm a girly girl at heart, so for a purse, I must be reverting back to my girly roots :)

All fabric details can be found here. I love how fun the lining is on this one! The pocket looks really dark here, but it's made from the same Kona as the binding.

DSC_0016 copy

With all the directional fabrics going on, I was super proud of myself that I remembered to match the direction of the lining stripes between the handle and body pieces (they join where that gather is).

DSC_0030 copy

And while I remembered to also match the direction of the corduroy between the handle and body pieces on the last purse, I didn't on this one. *GASP*. Type A personality freakout session. I was tight on time, so I didn't recut it and thought I was going to totally regret it. Turns out, it looks pretty good, mismatching directions and all :)

DSC_0023 copy

So there, Type A self.

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