Apple Stars: A Finished Quilt from Paper Pieced Modern

Today, Christa's sharing my Apple Stars quilt from my new book. Apple Stars 4a


This is the second quilt I worked on for the book. I found a beautiful Nani Iro double gauze and used a color card to match a white fabric to the background white of the double gauze. This helped it seem as though the stars really belonged to the background. I love how delicate this quilt is - similar in a lot of ways to my Plus One quilt!

This was the first quilt I ever had quilted by a longarmer (another one by Emily of Emerson Quilting), and I must say, it's a rather amazing experience. I always thought that quilting by check was a way of "cheating" (why do I have all of these self-imposed rules about quilting?), but I felt absolutely spoiled when I opened the package and saw her amazing quilting. It adds so much to the quilt, and I highly recommend that everyone (if you can swing it) try to have a quilt done by a longarmer - just to see if you like it.

I was really worried that it would make the quilt seem like less of an accomplishment - because I didn't create it start to finish - but that wasn't the case. I was really grateful for what she added, and still take pride in the work.

Apple Stars Flat Shot 3


{Incredible, right? Photo by C&T Publishing}

This quilt was accepted into QuiltCon (yay! and hence why there is no special photo shoot for this one), so if you're going, you can see it there. I'm assuming it'll be classified as "Modern Traditionalism".

{Copies are still available for winning! Go visit Christa here. Or, if you'd rather have a signed copy, go here.}