Squareburst: A Finished Quilt from Paper Pieced Modern

A few days ago, I mentioned that my friend Darcie made one of the quilts in the book. Well, today she's sharing the quilt that she made for the book over on her shiny new domain! Squareburst 4a


This quilt looks like a picnic quilt to me. Maybe it's the colors? There's a lot of cutesy Michael Miller Prints in there. So I always pictured it on the grass, near a flower bed, with people happily munching on sandwiches. Or something. But, being the middle of winter over here, there are no flowers to be found, so I needed to get creative. I found a photo of this beautiful, yellow sculpture online, so Darcie, my friend Lindsay, and I all set off for our epic photography session. Only...it wasn't there. After calling Darcie's husband to scour the internet and direct us, walking around for way too long in the cold, and questioning a bewildered looking old man and a cop, we resigned ourselves to not finding the darn thing. And as soon as we did that, we turned the corner and random people in the park probably overheard us shouting things like, "YELLOW, yellow, I see yellow!! Did we find it???"

We're super cool.

Squareburst flat shot 1a

So if you're curious as to what the sculpture looks like, clickity click on over and leave a comment for a chance to win the book while you're at it!

{Also, fun fact - Squareburst is the only quilt in the book that was washed before I sent them all in. I had quilted it just a few days before it needed to be mailed, and the disappearing marker was not disappearing. Nothing wrong with the marker, really. It was just brand new, and I marked rather darkly, so there wasn't enough time for it to vanish. I was spritzing it with water, and checking on it every hour during my all-nighter, but alas....at around 3 am I threw in the towel and washed it. I was worried that it would look bad, for only one of the quilts to be crinkly, but luckily, it's not noticeable in the photography.}