The Bachelor: A Finished Quilt from Paper Pieced Modern

Happy Valentine's day! Today, the awesome Chelsea is over at her blog talking about The Bachelor (see what I did there?). The Bachelor 1

So here you go ladies. He's single, upper 20s, and currently living in Florida, although I'm sure you could convince him elsewhere. He loves Tolkien, G.K. Chesterton, football, microbrews, killing deer, and you know - all the manly things. His number is 314-60...oh wait....

Wrong bachelor. Erm. Awkward. Sorry about that.

The Bachelor flat shot 1

The quilt, "The Bachelor". From the book. (Although Michael will be in a few of the photos. What a sport.)

And no, I'm not so sorry about how ridiculous this post was.

I hope you have a fantastic V-day, and wouldn't it be great if you won a copy of my book? Head over for a chance to win!