Jumping Jacks: Two Finished Quilts from Paper Pieced Modern

These little guys are two different colorways of the second toddler-sized quilt pattern from my book, Paper Pieced Modern: jumping jacks flat shot dual 1

{Photos by C&T Publishing}

I named them Jumping Jacks, because the jack shapes are tilted at a slight angle (the bow tie shapes bump them a bit).

Jumping Jacks flat shot 2

{Photo by C&T Publishing}

Remember Baby Jacks? That quilt is a simplified version of this one. This version has a larger number of seams meeting at those sharp corners, making it a slightly harder version. That's why I added the bow tie shapes - having four of those jack points meeting all together would have made for a crazy big bump in the quilt top!!

Jumping Jacks 1

But even though the blocks are more difficult, the large expanse of negative space makes the quilts still quite achievable. You may have noticed that that's kind of my MO - either a fully paper pieced quilt with easier blocks, or a quilt with more difficult blocks + large amounts of negative space. (Except for that Faceted Jewels II. She'll get ya!)

Jumping Jacks 3

My mother actually pieced these quilt tops for me, and then I quilted them, and Darcie bound them. Whew! Thank goodness for helpers!! When my mom volunteered to help with the piecing, she requested "nothing too difficult or time consuming". Since I was planning on these two quilts going to my boys (I only had two at the time!), I thought it would be really sweet if they were sewn by their Mimi. It was also more special to her to work on these quilts, rather than some other quilt in the book that would just turn into a sample.

Jumping Jacks 5

{These were taken on the second leg of photo-shooting this past weekend. I think it's my favorite shot of all!}

I had seen a quilt with this kind of straight-line quilting on Pinterest, and absolutely loved the laid-back style it added to the quilts:

jumping jacks flat shot 1

{Photo by C&T Publishing}

That navy Dear Stella prints is seriously one of my favorite fabrics ever. I had been hoarding it for awhile, along with some other nautical prints, to one day use for their nautical bedroom. Unfortunately, I hadn't bought enough for this quilt pattern. I went to find more and GAH! It had been out of print for awhile, and as it was an earlier Dear Stella collection, it didn't help that it had been a small print run (according to Heather, at least). I could find fat quarter offerings, but nothing large enough to cover that entire bottom section of the quilt. After around 6 hours scouring the internet (basically trying tons of different searches on Google, Etsy, and Ebay), I finally found some yardage of it! I'm so happy. No alternatives I looked at were quite what I wanted; I was just so set on that print.

Jumping Jacks 2

But of course, I only bought enough to make the quilt. I should have just bought the rest of the bolt! I really do love that print.

Jumping Jacks 4

This pattern can be found in my book, Paper Pieced Modern. Oh what's that? You'd like to win a copy?? Here's how:

1st entry: Leave a comment telling me what colors you'd make this quilt in.

2nd entry: Share about this giveaway on social media and leave a comment telling me you did.

I'll leave it open until the hop ends on Monday the 16th! There will be a hard copy available for U.S. residents, or a digital copy available for international residents.