Baby Jacks: A Finished Baby Sized Quilt from Paper Pieced Modern

Lindsay's kicking off the book tour today with my Baby Jacks quilt! Be sure to go check her out. Don't forget that she has a copy of the book for you! She's going to run the giveaway on Craft Buds, so watch for that post. Baby Jacks flat shot 1

{Baby Jacks, photo by C&T Publishing}

Fun fact - C&T only did a couple "styled" shots for the whole book, and the rest of the book photos were all flat shots. (See that photo above? That's a "flat shot".) But I love styled shots!!! So I called up a few friends, and we went on an epic photo-staging field trip last weekend. We took photos at the Indianapolis Central Library, a trail behind the Indy Zoo, and along the canal walk. My husband also helped me take some photos by the Geist Reservoir. I still need to take photos of three of the quilts for the blog hop - hopefully this weekend!

baby jacks 2b



It's definitely fun to be behind the lens, and to think about what locations might support the "personality" of the quilt. Of course, I felt like a giant quilt nerd the whole time. Especially with all the people giving us weird looks. And the guy on the bicycle with a 5-gallon bucket half-full of gray paint in his bike basket who shouted out, "WHAT are you doing??" Seriously, man. You have a 5-gallon bucket half-full of gray paint in your BICYCLE BASKET. What are YOU doing?? Lol.

Baby Jacks 4a

{Another outtake from our photo session. Originally, I wasn't a big fan of this photo. But it's growing on me - especially after the editing process. I might really love it now. Hmm. Your thoughts?}