Kicking off the Paper Pieced Modern Blog Hop!

I'm so excited to announce that the blog hop for my book is starting tomorrow! The book will be released on the 16th, so encourage your local quilt shops to stock it! They will be able to have it in stock several weeks before Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and all the other large chains. And you can also pre-order a signed copy here. Blog Hop copy

I know book tour events can get old, fast, and maybe you're guilty of the same old scrolly-scrolly that I am whenever one pops up in your reader, so I've asked the participants to focus on the quilts. After all, that's why you buy the book, right? Probably. Or the method. But you're not going to buy it because of gushy comments about how awesome I am (which is up for debate anyway)/the book is/the instructions are. So we're going straight to the good stuff*. Aside from the two quilts I've already shown (Icy Waters here, and Tied Down here), each day will reveal a new project from Paper Pieced Modern, complete with the opportunity to win a copy! So hop, skip, and jump through the following links over the next few days:

Feb 5th - Lindsay @ Lindsay Sews

Feb 6th - Charlotte @ Displacement Activity

Feb 7th - Molli @ Molli  Sparkles

Feb 8th - Elise @ Lovelea Designs

Feb 9th - Amy guest posting @ C&T Publishing

Feb 10th - Darcie @ The Seam Allowance

Feb 11th - Christa @ Christa Quilts

Feb 12th - Amy guest posting @ Craft Buds

Feb 13th - Amy @ 13 Spools

Feb 14th - Chelsea @ Patch the Giraffe

Feb 15th - Amy @ During Quiet Time

Feb 16th - Wrap-up post back at 13 Spools

Faceted Jewels I 4 copy *As a caveat, while I did not ask these cool bloggers to gush about me, I also did not forbid it. So if there happens to be any gushing, please be assured I have not bribed it out of them. That would be lame.

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