Diamonds & Emeralds II: A Finished Quilt from Paper Pieced Modern

Charlotte is talking about my Diamonds & Emeralds II quilt today! She’s got all my thoughts on this quilt, as well as hers, so I’ll be photo heavy today :) D & E II 2a This quilt seems positively un-quilt-like to me because of my fabric choices, and I must confess, I don't want to wash and crinkle it! I'm worried it'll lose it's look!

D & E II flat shot{Photo by C&T Publishing}

It's definitely a funkier style. Is this what a "grunge" quilt would look like? A punkster quilt? D & E II 4a I really like how "liquidy" this fabric looks.

D & E II 1a This is one of my favorite quilts in the book. I have no idea why, but it just is! You could certainly choose more traditional fabrics to bring this pattern back into the world of modern traditionalism. I do really enjoy pushing color choices, shapes, and fabrics to create "edgier" quilts on occasion.

Just out of curiosity, what fabrics might you like to see used for this quilt pattern? Sometimes, I just have my idea and can't think outside of it, and this is one of them! I had a very defined vision for this quilt, so I'm intrigued to see how others would interpret it.

{Don't forget that Charlotte is giving away a copy of the book!!}