Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild Retreat

So the weekend before QuiltCon, I went to my guild's sewing retreat. It was a Friday through Monday, and then I left on Wednesday for QuiltCon, so can we all just stop for a minute and applaud my rockstar husband? He's always willing to take on extra parenting duties, and never complains. I don't know how he found the time to eat, much less shower, lol. Anyway. Back to regularly scheduled quilty chatting. There are some seriously talented ladies in my quilt guild. This is a shot of all the quilts finished by Sunday afternoon:

retreat 10

And there were a few more finished before we left!

It's so inspiring to be surrounded by such great quilters (and artists), so I knew I had to snap some photos to share with all of you. Darcie worked hard at laying out an ombre, HST quilt:

retreat 1

I'm pretty sure it's going to be the best HST I've ever seen.

retreat 2

Tisha finally finished up her Jay McCarroll challenge quilt. The deadline was only 3.5 ish years ago. Lol :)

retreat 7

And Meghan (@eschbaugh) spent most of her time quilting this stunner:

retreat 4

It's the result of our guild's traveling bee last year. She provided all of the fabrics, and the central applique block, and the rest was by various members of the guild.

retreat 5

She asked me to quilt a feather in one of the sections, which was a huge honor. I also didn't participate in the bee itself (I was working on the book, having know. Other stuff.), so it was really cool to still end up being a part of this project.

retreat 6

Tisha and Rachael did a fun swap to create 2 quilts - they each made 20 blocks, then traded 10 of their blocks. That way, they each ended up with a quilt made by both of them!

retreat 9

So, I'm curious - have you done any collaborative projects with your quilty friends? And did you end up being pleased with the process & outcome?

retreat 11