Linky Love

More wonderful links for you all today.... Yvonne's Triangle Transparency quilt is stunning. I've never found a transparency quilt I was crazy about - until this one.

Mel's Peek Quilt was my personal favorite of all the Minimalist quilts at QuiltCon. And it was huge! You can't really tell from photos just how big this guy is. The color was even more stunning in person.

This freezer method of paper-piecing by Green Cheese Quilting is pretty mind-blowing.

My book is less than $10 on Kindle right now! (Amazon affiliate link, fyi - full disclosure at bottom of site)

The quilting on Cheryl's Pike's Peak quilt is just perfection.

Be sure to check out Lindsay's piece entitled "The Most Important Post I will Ever Write" - I love that she shared her story!

This site looks intriguing, especially their e-book on creating pattern repeats.

I've been listening to the most recent episode of Modern Sewciety and loving it as usual - check it out :)

I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie, Kitty and Tina at QuiltCon, and they are just the sweetest of all people I've probably ever met.

Speaking of pricing a quilt, it was interesting to check out Blue Elephant Stitches' shop prices, since she sells so many quilts.


Linky LoveAmy Garro