"Concentric Circles" Art Quilt

Along with the furoshiki for the hipster baby quilt, I ordered another that I turned into this quilt: red circle art quilt 2a

After the feedback I got from my posts on the other quilt (here and here), I've decided to list this one for sale in my Etsy shop as a baby quilt/art quilt. With that in mind, I'm pricing it higher ($250), as art quilts can usually sell for more. I have no idea if Etsy is the best place to sell an art quilt, but I don't have anything to lose by trying!

red circle art quilt 4

I quilted it in red with a stenciled pattern.

red circle art quilt 3a

I absolutely love the look of this quilt. I don't have a lot to say about it - other than it intrigues me for some reason!

Doing these simple wholecloth quilts is a really different kind of quilting for me. There are parts I love about it - getting a striking pattern with less effort, and the ease of basting and quilting such a small project. There aren't any aspects I really dislike, but I will say it doesn't give me quite the level of satisfaction as a more complex project does, or the feeling of identity that I find in a project that I spent a long time designing.

I have a few more pieces of fabric to make wholecloths out of, so we'll see how my feelings on them evolve!

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