Pricing a Finished Quilt: Folded Paper Baby Blanket

Happy Easter everyone! Just a quick finish to show today. I basted, quilted, and bound this guy in a couple hours. It's a small wholecloth, just about 34" x 34".

folded paper baby quilt 1 copy

The quilt top is a Japanese cotton cloth called a furoshiki. I bought it from The Link Collective's Etsy shop. It is super silky feeling, and was printed with traditional handprinting techniques in Japan. It is a trompe l'oeil (an art technique to create an optical illusion that the image is actually three-dimensional) depicting a piece of paper which has been folded and then unfolded. I absolutely love the pattern, and it's minimal complexity. So beautiful.

folded paper baby quilt 4

I backed it with Robert Kaufman chambray (details in this stashing post) and bound it with a shot cotton (details in this stashing post). All in all, I'm loving trying out all sorts of different textiles lately!!

folded paper baby quilt 2

I just listed this baby quilt in my Etsy shop. I priced it fairly, according to the cost of supplies and paying myself a reasonable (though certainly not generous) wage. I'm not sure whether or not it will sell, but I'm curious...

folded paper baby quilt 3

Here's the pricing breakdown for anyone who's wondering:

$8 backing fabric

$4 binding fabric

$52 furoshiki

$2 thread (approximation)

$37.5 - 2.5 hours labor @ $15/hour

A note on batting - This quilt was small enough that I used a cut-off from another piece of batting, so I opted to not include it in the price for the sake of keeping it down. That's a personal judgment call that some would disagree with. I don't have a strong stance on it one way or another, other than I was balancing the need for a fair price with the actual ability to make a sale.

= $103.5

I rounded down to $100. It seems very high when you just look at the price & size of the quilt, but when you look at it all priced out, it seems more than reasonable. We'll see if there's any nibbles. Any opinions on how I priced this? I've read a lot on pricing, but don't have any first-hand experience on selling my quilts (yet).