Vintage Ways Completed

Does anyone here remember Yellowgate 2015? (It was so geniusly named by Jeifner @ Secondhand Dinosaur.) Some of you were not into the purple I chose to rectify the situation (but I lovvvvved it!): working on 2

winding ways purple 3 copy

And yes, that is exactly what it looks like - I made sure to color correct my photo for accuracy! It was this perfect gray-purple. It was hard to capture correctly, but the photo above shows it best. Heather @ Crimson Tate does a fantastic job of curating a really sophisticated collection of solids, and this is an RJR fabric. There wasn't quite enough for the whole quilt (and I couldn't find it anywhere else!!), so I tweaked the pattern a smidge to bring it down to a twin sized quilt. Here is my finished Vintage Ways quilt:

Vintage Ways 3 I made it with Colette Moscrop screen-printed fabrics & a handful of other prints from my stash that complemented her designs. I used blending thread to do a simple stipple. That's code for I didn't know how to quilt it. Hey, it happens.

Vintage Ways 5

I think the purple turned out perfectly. My original design looked great in yellow on my computer screen, but I needed to use a much more golden, vintage yellow fabric than I did. I still think it would look great in this colorway (done correctly!). This quilt looks a lot different from my usual style of quilts, but sometimes, that's just what I need to take a little mental break. Plus, this is destined for a little girl who needs a purple quilt, so that worked out great.

Vintage Ways 6

The pattern for it is in Make Modern Issue 7 - check it out here!

Vintage Ways 3

Vintage Ways 1 copy

Finished QuiltAmy Garro