Sulky Threads Giveaway

Sulky thread (15)a Sulky thread (2)a The two questions that people most ask me are 1) What batting do you use? and 2) What thread do you use? I'll tackle the first question in another post, but for now, let's talk about question two.

I use Superior So Fine! 50 for quilting and piecing, and Sulky for quilting as well. While I did a lot of research before trying out Superior Threads, I started using Sulky because it was so dang convenient. Available at every Jo-Ann's = no wait time in the mail + 40% off coupons. Pretty much a recipe for perfection for moi (I happen to be impatient and on a budget). Anyway, there was nothing not to like about them, so I have just always stayed using them, and quickly became addicted. Wish I could give you a more scientific answer, but I just use them because they work & are easy to get!

When it comes to metallics & monofilament threads, I did do some research and found that Sulky threads were popular with art quilters, so I just kept on keepin' on with those.

And then my husband's aunt bought me this massive box of gorgeous, 30 weight blendable cotton thread, and I have kind of just gotten sucked into the vortex of all things Sulky.

winter gems 1

I started out sewing on a vintage Bernina, and that thing will take ANY thread. I even used Sulky metallic in the freaking bobbin, people. Since getting my Juki 2010q, I've been using the So Fine 50 for free motion quilting, and the Sulky for straight line quilting, because I quilt suuuuper fast and need a poly thread (for the strength). But I'm happy to report that I've acquired some Sulky poly and will be giving you the lowdown on how that works in the near future.

So anyway - I used Sulky threads on every quilt that I quilted personally in my book, Paper Pieced Modern, and Sulky has generously agreed to partner up for a giveaway! Yay! They are giving away the pile o' booty thread pictured below: every thread of theirs that I used in my book.

If you are one of those curious sorts of people, here's the rundown of what I used & where:

Diamonds & Emeralds I - 1071 Off-White (Rayon 40 wt)
Diamonds & Emeralds II - 7009 Pewter (Original Metallic)
Ceiling Tiles:
- 7007 Gold (Original Metallic)
- 7001 Silver (Original Metallic)
- 4001 Parchment (Blendables 30 wt)
- 4027 Silver Slate (Blendables 30 wt)
- 2108 Vari Grays/Silvers (Rayon 40 wt)
- 1328 Nickel Gray (Rayon 40 wt)
- 1325 Whisper Gray (Rayon 40 wt)
Squareburst & Baby Jacks - 1001 Bright White (Rayon 40 wt)
Little Itty Bitties - 1082 Ecru (Rayon 40 wt)
Jumping Jacks - 4014 Ocean Blue (Rayon 40 wt)

(Yes, I went overboard on Celing Tiles. Don't judge, cuz it rocks in person.)

So onto the goods - Sulky is sending out a package including all 12 of the threads listed above, and I'm sending out a signed copy of my book - all to one winner. Leave a comment below letting me know if you've ever tried Sulky thread before to enter! Sulky thread (18)a Sulky thread (19)a

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