Wuthering Heights

Awhile ago, while the Naptown Stitchers was still meeting regularly (saaaaaaad nostalgic face), we got the assignment to make something based on our favorite book. wuth 4

I don't really have a favorite, single book now, but growing up, it was Wuthering Heights.

DSC_6280 copy

I hoped to convey Catherine's spirit with the vibrant colors, and Heathcliff with the dark, brooding blacks & charcoals.

wuthering heights copy

I'm still trying to nail down my quilting plan for it. I was originally thinking of pebbling, which would work fabulously with the pearl bracelet background fabric, but now I'm thinking something more flowing and long would be a great way to bring in the feeling and look of the windy moors.

DSC_6279 copya

On a completely unrelated note, I love this color combo because it reminds me of an (all-solids) Amish quilt that my mom made when I was growing up. Funny how these things churn back up. Anyway, it was a really interesting challenge - to be inspired by literature while designing a quilt - and one I think I might visit again.

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