White Rainbow - a Finished Quilt

Awhile ago, I sent Becca Bryan an email begging (because yes, I'm just sooo cool) to be on her book release blog hop. I had seen a preview of the book (Modern Rainbow) and LOVED it. On the hop, I showed you guys the quilt top, and I'm here today with the finished quilt!!


I actually sent it out to be quilted by the awesome Emily Sessions (on IG @emsess) of Emerson Quilting. This is a quilt that I looked at and thought to myself, I have NO freaking clue as to how to quilt this. The pattern itself demanded something awesome (Becca did an amazing job on hers), and the corduroy threw a whole new challenge in there, so off it went. And then it showed up looking like this:

Pretty dang awesome, I have to say.

I didn't always get the nap the (technically) correct way, so if you look at it from an angle, different grays appear. It's kind of cool to walk in a circle around, to see it change before your eyes as you change vantage points.

I don't even know how to describe this design - graceful spiderwebs? - so I am so glad I handed this one off without any direction. Emily knew exactly how to treat this top royally.

DSC_0098a DSC_0100a

I know a lot of you already own Modern Rainbow (because it's rankings are so great!), but if you don't, totally check it out!

DSC_0107a DSC_0109a

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