Metallic Thread

I luuuuurve metallic thread. Not a little. Not a normal amount, either. A lot. I used it on my Ceiling Tiles quilt:

Ceiling Tiles 2

And my Diamonds and Emeralds II quilt:

D & E II 3And this pillow and a table runner and started using it on this quilt....

Point being, I luuurve metallic thread. I just finished up a quilt for Modern Quilts Unlimited, and I straight line quilted it with a matching thread and a tight, 1/2" grid. But it needed something more. Something like...

churn 3 the occasional silver thread.

churn 4One vertical line, every 7 inches, of glitter. Mmmmmm.

churn 1

My husband said something along the lines of "I normally think the metallic thread is too much. But this time, I like it." To which he got a mouthful from me as to why there is no such thing as "too much metallic thread".

I use Sulky metallic thread, since 1) I can grab it at JoAnns' with a coupon, 2) I've heard it recommended by art quilters (and they know their funky thread), and 3) it's always worked for me so far! You definitely need to quilt a little slower with it, though. You can check out my post on how to use metallic thread here.

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