Stashing: Japanese Fabrics

stashing japanese fabrics I recently bought a ton of goooorgeous Japanese Fabrics from a cool etsy shop I stumbled across, Miss Matatabi. I absolutely love her inventory, and will definitely be buying more there in the future! Most of the fabrics I bought were double gauze prints by Nani Iro. I didn't take the world's greatest photos of them because sleeping child 1 and sleeping child 2 limited my lighting options, but that's ok. Because they were sleeping. At the same time. Party on.

Anyway, I'll just photo dump here and encourage you to head on over to Miss Matatabi.




mountain views 1



blue views



And then for some reason I thought this was super cool, but it arrived, and now I'm all...


...when was I ever into psychedelic lions, and bunnies, and bears frolicking in a colorful woods? I just...No. Lol.

But hey. While impulse stashing, you win some, you lose some.

StashingAmy Garro