Catching Up

Oh man, you guys. I'm finally coming up on a breather here soon, which I am so looking forward to! Hopefully I'll have plenty of more time for sewing and blogging in the near future :) So for now, a hodgepodge of quick takes on what I've been up to lately: Catching up 1

I've been making blocks here and there for the Icy Waters quilt I started at the Quilts at the Creek conference. This is one of those fabric combos I'm not entirely sure about, but I definitely know it won't look bad when it's done. A good quilting job can save it if I'm not in love after it's all pieced.

Catching up 2

I have a quilt that I've been meaning to send off to Emily for some longarm work, buuuuut - first I needz to unpick. Oh yes folks. Sometimes, you just need to hit the "undo" button and go a better direction. I've been binging a little on Veronica Mars to work on picking this out.

Catching up 3

And I'm maybe a little one note with my colorways. Eh. No surprises from me, I guess!

Sometimes you need to do a flash rewrite of an assignment, complete with well-lit photos in the late evening, so you get a little creative...


Winning. Kind of.

A few weekends ago, I had the opportunity to hang some of my quilts in an art gallery in southwest Michigan. They're still there, if you want to go check them out in person! My mom is an internationally awarded artist, so sometimes I get to do joint art shows with her & our artist friends. I got to hobnob with several quilters (and readers!), artists, art agents, and eat at least 20 meatballs. I was definitely disappointed in the lack of champagne, though. Otherwise it was a blast.

art show 2

art show 1

And if anyone wants to see some of my quilts in person plus me, I'll be doing a trunk show at the Indianapolis Quilt Guild this Friday at 1 pm. Hopefully the brand new babysitter can manage my 3 crazy children just fine. And hopefully she doesn't quit immediately. Yeeeesh.





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